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Insurance Adjusters Are Not Your Friend

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lawyers Get Results

You’re injured in an automobile accident that was not your fault. Then you get a call from Nationwide, Allstate or Progressive. The adjuster claims to want to help, and makes you an offer. The offer might even sound pretty good.  Should you attempt to negotiate and settle your own case?  It’s not a good idea.  Once you settle, you have forever waived your claim.

Statistics prove that injured persons who hire attorneys obtained, on average, three times more for their personal injury case than those persons who did not have an attorney. Insurance companies are aware of this, so there is nothing they would like any better than to attempt to settle your case without an attorney involved.

Insurance Company Tactics

How do adjusters go about trying to settle with you? You’ll find different adjusters in different companies take different approaches. Some will try intimidation. They will be very aggressive and attempt to pressure you into a settlement.  They may even imply you are stupid, greedy or dishonest.  The goal is to wear you down, so you will decide it’s easier to accept whatever the insurance company is willing to pay.

Other adjusters will try the opposite approach, trying to keep contact with you, and being very pleasant every time you speak. This type will try to make you think they really care. Beware: these adjusters are merely wolves in sheep’s clothing!  The only thing they really care about is the bottom line. That is, the bottom line for the insurance company.

Profits Not People

Remember that the purpose of an insurance company is to make as large a profit as possible.  The more they pay for claims, the less in profit they can show their shareholders.  Insurance adjusters are often under pressure from management to do anything they can to minimize payouts on accident claims.  If you remember Matt Damon’s movie The Rainmaker, you’ll know that insurance companies are not interested in making fair payouts.  They are in the business of profits, not people.

Adjusters are really good at making an offer sound great. They will offer to pay your medical bills and give you an extra thousand dollars or two, which may be money you desperately need while recovering from the wreck.  In reality, your case may be worth a lot more.  The law says you are entitled to compensation not just for medical bills and lost wages, but for the pain, inconvenience and stress your injuries cause.  As anyone who’s been through a wreck knows, these factors can be devastating and are often worth far more than the medical bills.

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David Hawkins, Esq.