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Four Things to Bring With You For Your First Personal Injury Consultation

Thursday, December 11, 2014
Come Prepared. Leave Equipped.

After you’ve been injured in a car wreck and you have scheduled your free consultation with a reputable law firm, it is time to gather your records. Get your things together so that you will be prepared to give all of the necessary information to the attorney who is evaluating your case.

The insurance section of a collision report.

Here is a simple list of the top four things you need to bring with you to your free personal injury consultation.

Exchange of Information Form

After every accident, you should call the police so that a report can be made detailing what happened, who was involved, and who, if anyone, will be charged. The Officer or Trooper investigating the case will not give you a copy of the police report on the scene, but he or she will give you small piece of paper with all of the necessary information about the person that hit you. Bring this with you. This small piece of paper has several things that your attorney will need. For example, name, address, and insurance company of the Defendant. This information will be essential to getting all of the right people involved in your claim.

Discharge Summary from the hospital

If you are injured and you go to the hospital, they will either admit you for treatment, or check you over and discharge you. When they discharge you, they always give you a discharge summary detailing your diagnoses, your treatment, your follow up recommendations and symptoms to look for in the future related to you injuries. Bring this paper with you. It gives your attorney a quick look into the type of injuries you have sustained. If you have received additional treatment since your visit to the emergency room, bring whatever treatment records you have so that your attorney can accurately assess your case.

Your Insurance Policy

Sometimes, the people who cause wrecks do not have insurance. If that is the case, your attorney may advise you to make a claim against your own insurance company’s uninsured motorist coverage or under-insured motorist coverage. Additionally, you may have med pay insurance which will pay for your medical bills up to a certain amount. Your attorney will need that information in order to make such claims.

Pictures of your car and any other cars involved in the wreck.

Pictures can tell a thousand words. Often, I have heard insurance adjusters say, “Well, there was only $600 of damage to the vehicle so it was just a minor impact.” Pictures often tell a different story. If you have pictures of your car, bring them.  If you have pictures of the other cars, bring them. Sometimes, the damage to your car may be minimal, but the damage to the other car may be much more. Again, pictures tell a thousand words. Bring them to your attorney, so he or she can get the whole picture (pun intended).

I hope this helps you prepare for your first meeting with your personal injury attorney.

Posted by Brandon S. Osterbind, Esq.