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Who is going to pay for my medical bills and car damage?

My name is Brandon Osterbind and I am an attorney at Overbey, Hawkins & Wright. I frequently hear people ask, who is going to pay for my car and my medical bills after a car wreck? The answer is simple: the person who caused your property damage and medical bills is liable for those expenses, among others, if she was negligent in causing such harms and losses.

Virginia law requires that drivers have automobile liability insurance to cover property damage and bodily injuries. But insurance companies will not pay for those items unless you settle in full and release them from future liability. In the alternative, you should submit your medical bills to your health insurance company to make sure that you get all of the necessary treatment when you need it. Additionally, your insurance policy may have medical expense payments coverage. That means that your insurance company will cover your medical care. In short, there may be several sources of compensation for your personal injuries and property damage. You should contact an attorney to help determine who is liable for those expenses.