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What if a tractor-trailer hit me and caused injuries?

If a tractor trailer or a commercial vehicle has caused my accident, how is that different? Well, it is different. Your damages are likely to be greater. Those vehicles are large, heavy, and can cause a lot of damage to you and your motor vehicle.

Next, the insurance coverage is going to be different. Commercial vehicles are required to carry much more than the average amount of insurance. In many cases, up to a million dollars. Commercial vehicles often have data recorders, that is “black boxes” that record what happened in your accident. They also may record how long the vehicle has been driving and under what conditions. Then, there are regulations that cover commercial vehicles. Regulations that say how long a commercial driver can be driving, how many hours, when he has to take breaks and when he has to get sleep. Some commercial vehicles have “on-board” cameras that may record what happened in your accident. It’s very important to consult an attorney early in a case where a commercial vehicle is involved. That way, you can be sure that all important data is collected and preserved.