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Do I have to reimburse my health insurance company?

My name is Brandon Osterbind and I am an attorney at Overbey, Hawkins & Wright. After your personal injury case is over and you have received compensation from the insurance company, you may have to reimburse your health insurance company if you are awarded damages in your Virginia car accident case. Every health plan is different, and before we can answer whether you will have to repay your health insurance company, we need to review your plan specifically.

The law governing Medicaid, Medicare, employer health plan and individual plans varies greatly. If you are injured in an automobile collision, use your health insurance to get the treatment you need to get better. If your health insurance company refuses to pay, call a Virginia lawyer to help secure your necessary medical treatment. Your health and recovery is the most important thing for you and your personal injury case. Tell your lawyer that you have health insurance and bring your health insurance information to a Virginia attorney to review. We will determine if you have to pay any of those ligation proceeds back and we will advise you of what you should do. Contact us.